Lügat Educational Services and Consultancy company has been providing education and consultancy services since 2014. Lügat company has, by far the broadest experience  when it comes to consultancy and educational services as It has undertaken the promotion of Turkey and Turkish Universities through the training and consultancy provided, and as an international cultural ambassador.
At the same time, we are working to secure and provide the needs of students coming from outside Turkey, such as student registration, housing insurance, etc

Lügat Education- also known as Anadolu lügat Educational Institution- is considered  one of the first institutes to attract students outside of Türkiye to provide face-to-face TÖMER, YÖS and SAT trainings and consultancies, and provides online TÖMER, YÖS and SAT trainings and consultancy services to the whole world.

All students participating in face-to-face and online education are provided with consultancy regarding Turkish University promotions, preferences and registrations.

Lügat Education, T.R.  It is on the list of companies organizing fairs abroad by our Ministry of Commerce and organizes Turkish Universities Promotion and Preference Fairs in many countries with the encouragement of our Ministry of Commerce.  At the same time, it continues its efforts to recruit students from abroad to Turkish Universities.

On May 17-18, we organized an exhibition to introduce Turkish universities and their preferences in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh).  Before the exhibition, we visited the Turkish Ambassador, Fatih Al-Wasawi.  We also, accompanied by the Turkish Ambassador, visited the trade and education advisor.
Our exhibition was opened in the presence of the Education Advisor, Mr. (Wesal Aydin), the Trade Advisor, Mr. (Ramazan Ersoy), and the Assistant Trade Advisor, Mr. (Burak Balaklaoglu).
In the year 2024, we, as a language education company, have prepared a special program to open special exhibitions to introduce Turkish universities and their preferences in several countries.